Blanka is a low ranked character with a lot of flaws, but he’s also got a ton of effective shenanigans which Vega isn’t well-equipped to deal with. A bad Blanka is easy to deal with, a really good one is a big problem.

If you block a Ball, you can always S.HP punish. Sometimes you have to take a micro-step forward before you do it. If you get hit by a Ball, you still can C.MP after. If he uses Ball from far away, you can counter with a S.HP or Scarlet Terror.

The most crucial thing to watch for is Blanka using a Ball that stops right before it hits you and then grab you before you react. Good Blankas know the two distances he can do this, half screen for LP Ball and 2/3 screen for MP Ball. One thing you can do is option select S.LK while holding back – if the ball hits, nothing will happen, but if it misses, you’ll kick him out of his throw attempt. Otherwise just always avoid the half screen spacing that most Blankas like to use for this, or just spam C.MP as even a trade or being hit by the ball isn’t bad in comparison.

From far range, you still have a tough time. Vertical Ball is really good at hitting all angles of your FBA. Sky High Claw will whiff on him if he’s crouching. Just throw out Jab Rolls to hit him if he balls or jumps in.


  • Blanka can hop over you when you’re on the ground to remove your charge, while also mashing Electricity. He can also loop J.LK crossup, which Vega also doesn’t have a good answer to. 3P Backflip away is often a good option even if you take a hit on the way out. Charge a Scarlet Terror if he follows you with a jump or ball or hop.
  • When you’re in the corner, Blanka can still cross up with a ball as you’re getting up, and follow up with Electricity or that overhead headbutt normal. It’s very hard to learn, but you can time a Scarlet Terror to come out automatically as you’re turning around. Otherwise just 3P away after you turn around, since he’s always going to follow up with something, giving you time to back off.
  • You can FBA grab or Super grab him out of Electricity and even Ball.
  • If you’re getting crossup J.LK looped, hold up and hit an early NJ.LP.