Unreal Tournament 2004 is the best FPS game ever made. Period, full stop. The series was already known for its rock solid combat and innovative weapons. 2004 brought vehicles, and it did them better than Halo or Battlefield. Onslaught was a brilliant game mode, endlessly replayable. But Vehicle Capture The Flag was my mode of choice.

I was into the game enough to start learning the editor and designing my own maps. Some of them became quite popular and were among the all-time most played in their game mode. They were released under the name Crossier, as the Zero Hour (0HR) map pack.

Still have the game? You can download and try them out. Most of them have good bot support for single player. Don’t have it? Get it, it’s a couple bucks.

Click on any image to download the ZIP file for that map. Unzip them and place them in your /maps folder.