Roller Coaster Tycoon

I used to be a big fan of Roller Coaster Tycoon back when it was new. It hit in a way that SimCity and other similar titles never did, and is still in my opinion the defining classic of its genre.

I had plans in my head to open the sandbox mode and create a huge original park from scratch, but never had the attention span to complete anything serious. But during the Covid lockdown, I reinstalled the game and made a serious go at it.

Here’s my result, Wilson Park. It’s gigantic, with all custom rides and scenery. You can check out a map or download the park to try it yourself.

Making a map of your RCT level is not easy. You lose detail if you just zoom out, so I had to take 100 screenshots and stitch them all together. The result is a giant 10000 pixel wide file.

Click to download the enormous full size image (13mb)

Bonus Game! Waldo from Where’s Waldo fame is hiding somewhere in the park. See if you can find him. Or don’t.

Or this version, which has the labels (14mb)

Inspired by the maps they give you at Six Flags theme parks, I turned my screenshots into a map, with logos for the key attractions, themed areas, and punny names for all the rides.

Download the actual park
This file is for RCT2, and uses scenery from the expansion packs.

Eventually I got a poster made, it’s up on my office wall