Cammy feels a lot like Blanka in the regard that she’s low ranked with several big weaknesses in her game, but makes up for it with lots of shenanigans and tricks.

The first thing you want to do is get comfortable with Cammy’s various safe/risk zones. Each of the three versions of Cannon Drill and Thrust Kick have ranges and timings that are safe and unsafe on block. In general, the closer you are to her, the more time you get to punish. But from long distance, she’ll recover in time to hit you out of your punish, even a fast C.MP. If you’re not sure, just stay patient and block.

The next thing to watch for is the Hooligan, which is a grab or a strike depending how close it is. Good Cammys will always grab with these when you least expect it, anything but a Scarlet Terror will get grabbed. This is your #1 thing to be looking for at sweep range, anything else she has is simple to block.

Your gameplan against Cammy is to keep her at mid to 2/3 screen range. This makes all her options slow enough to not be a problem. You can keep her out with Jab Rolls, and Scarlet Terror any jumps. S.HP any special she whiffs and just jump back if she gets too close.


  • Thrust Kick has a lot of horizontal movement, but no hitbox behind, so FBA to her wall when she’s in the corner, and easily grab her right out of it.
  • A common Cammy trick is to jump from a little outside your antiair range, then immediately Thrust Kick when she lands to counter whatever you poke at her. She can also make you block a jump attack from close and Thrust Kick there too. If you get hit by this a lot, tighten up your timing so your hitbox is out on the first frame she’s landing. A slightly early C.HK slide is ideal for this.