Chun Li


Chun is a very solid character, but Vega has major advantages over her. His walk speed is just as good as hers, he has strong options in air to air, and she doesn’t have a good defense against your pokes.

From close, Chun has nice quick normals that are positive on block, so she can lock you down with repeated S.MP and throw at will. She’s also got dangerous mixups with her Neckbreaker normal. Stay out of this range.

Medium range is where you shine. You can react to any fireballs with enough time to jump in combo. Her jump is floaty, giving you plenty of time for a Scarlet Terror antiair. You outrange her and generally can freely poke with Slide and Jab Roll and C.MP at will.

At far range, you can look for fireballs and FBA grab her while she’s stuck. Otherwise, Chun’s NJ.MP and J.LK are both really good at stopping FBA, so you have to steer back to give yourself some extra height before tossing out a claw. Her fireball doesn’t reach full screen, so you can safely charge up or goof around to bait her into coming forward.

Old Chun Li: Old Chun is pretty rare, but a few players pick it. Her Spinning Bird Kick has some invincibility and can be a problem to deal with. It’s best not to jump in or Jab Roll when she’s waking up, keep it to safe pokes.


  • Chun has the stored Super move, so she can walk forward and press a button to get her Super out. This is the one good trick she has to get in while advancing, so once she’s charged, stop poking and play cautious at mid range.
  • Chun has a nice corner trap of throwing a Jab fireball and jumping in with a J.LK, which hits any of your usual antiairs. A Jab Sky High Claw is good for hitting her out of it, as long as you’re early.
  • The Neckbreaker kick can normally be blocked high or low, but if done meaty while you wakeup, it will hit low. Block low, and have Scarlett Terror charged for whatever follow up she has.
  • If you block or get hit by a head stomp, you have enough walk speed to follow her and throw her as she lands.