Dee Jay


Dee Jay is played with the same strategy as all the other fireball/uppercut characters. He gets the advantage of high damage, high stun combos and great priority on his normals but he also has some holes in his kit you can take advantage of.

Dee Jay’s fireball comes out and recovers fast, so it’s harder to jump in on him. Often he’ll trade with a S.MP. His fireball hitbox is high, so you have a big window to trade favorably with a Slide.

DJ’s Upkicks have an incredibly high hitbox. Both your Roll (early part) and Slide give you a low profile, so you can generally ignore his wakeup DP and hit him right out of it at point blank range. Your NJ.HK is also really good at hitting him out of Upkicks.

Sit at midrange and poke in between fireballs or jump in and pressure once you start predicting when he’s going to throw them. Watch out for his nasty C.HP which kills your Slide and claw pokes. If he uses this a lot, C.MP it during its recovery, or jump combo him if he’s spamming with it.

Since Dee Jay can dizzy in one combo, and kill from that, you want to avoid close range, which is the only time he’s getting knock downs and cross up opportunities.


  • Dee Jay’s LK Sobat has lower body invincibility, so you can’t Slide against it. Your claw pokes are still good.
  • Dee Jay’s Upkicks are wide open above his head and behind him, so it’s fairly easy to steer around the hitbox and Super grab him while he’s stuck in it. Much easier than Guile.
  • Dee Jay has two good normals to stop FBA – J.MP and J.LK. Both have very high hitboxes but not a lot of horizontal range, so you can extend your claw early and still hit him or at least trade favorably.