Fei Long


Vega destroys Fei Long. It’s a fantastic match that’s very much in your favor. He’s only really dangerous up close, but it’s very hard for him to get in and easy for Vega to escape. Sit at midscreen and punish anything Fei uses to move forward.

At far range, you can wall dive all day on Fei. His Flame Kick has no horizontal range and is very easy to bait and punish. The only other thing he can do is guess with a Chicken Wing and hope you land on it. If you’re ready for this, an early high claw will beat it out.

Once you’re at midrange, spam LP Roll at him. It beats all his normals at this range, and it catches his jump attacks on the way up and the way down. Beats his specials, including Flame Kick if you’re at max possible range. If you don’t have a Roll ready, poke him out of Rekkas with C.MP and antiair jumps with C.HP. Sit there crouching and watch for Chicken Wings that you can Scarlet Terror.

Up close, Fei unlocks. He gets frame advantage after Chicken Wings, he can vary up his Rekka timing to fool you, and he has nice meaty normals that do high damage and stun fast and can be comboed out of. You want to avoid this range altogether, but especially do not want to be cornered. Use a C.LP into LP Sky High Claw to get out, or do a wall double jump to go over his antiairs. He’s going to get excited once he’s got you cornered, so it can often be better to calmly sit there charging and look for your moment to Scarlet Terror. Hop over him after hitting this, and you demoralize him by having the entire stage on your side again.


  • Fei often uses the same trick as Cammy: jump from a little outside your antiair range, then instantly Flame Kick when he lands to try and hit your poke. The difference is all of Fei’s air to ground normals suck, so you can always do a very early C.HP and cleanly hit him.
  • More often than not, it’s best to let Fei throw you if he can. Softening a throw does minor damage, when compared to his close range combos and specials. He doesn’t get any especially good follow up mixups after he throws in the corner.