T Hawk


T. Hawk is more mobile than Zangief, so he can be harder to keep out. Luckily his normals aren’t that great and his specials leave him open if not spaced perfectly, so you can focus on avoiding grab setups and you will be in good shape.

T.Hawk’s best trick is the inescapable tick throw. He will do a C.LP into a negative edge Typhoon 360 motion that ends in low block. When done on Vega’s wakeup, it’s 100% safe and will always grab you or block your reversal. If you’re in the corner, he can loop it until you’re dead. Never let yourself get cornered is priority #1 in this match.

From midrange, it’s a lot easier. C.HP and S.HP keep him pushed far back. S.HK is great antiair against his jumps and also the Dive. If he likes to walk forward and uppercut your pokes, Slide at him more. He’ll miss and be punishable unless you’re at very close range. His other gimmick is shimmy around at sweep range and get you to throw out a normal, then J.LP into various tick options. Stay crouched and poke with C.MP at sweep range so you’ll always have Scarlet Terror. Backing up to midscreen is a great choice too.

At full screen, he doesn’t have any options besides shenanigans. Watch for him to miss a Dive and try a 360 as he lands. There’s always enough time to punish him as long as you correctly read the Dive will miss instead of be blocked.


  • If you are stuck in the corner trap, consider 3K Handspring as a last resort to give yourself a chance at C.LP into LP Sky High Claw to get out. Scarlet Terror is especially bad in this situation and should not be tried.