The mirror match is especially annoying. Of course there’s no strengths or weaknesses at different ranges, so matchup knowledge is the key to winning.

Use round 1 as a learning experience to see what kind of Vega you’re playing. Some just use FBA all day – these are easy to counter by not letting them get started. Some players are just C.MP spam and tick throws – blow them up with Roll pressure and well-timed Scarlet Terror.

If you see a FBA coming, counter it with NJ.MK. Another good option is J.MP. If you’re full screen or in the corner, Scarlet Terror is effective against FBA since he can’t steer around the hitbox. 3K Handspring will avoid the claw or the grab and leaves you in neutral afterwards, which can be effective. Otherwise if you’re knocked down and he’s looping on wakeup, you just have to 50/50 block like everybody else and pray.


  • When both players are doing FBA at the same time, the one that gets the claw out first wins the clash. You can increase the odds in your favor by being close to the edge of the screen instead of the middle, so you will bounce off the wall first.
  • Roll is not a good option to use as wakeup pressure, since he can Scarlet Terror for big damage. Try a late NJ.HK which you can combo if it hits, or throw / tick into throw /blockstring if it’s blocked.
  • Sitting in the corner is pretty effective in this match, since he won’t be able to FBA off your wall and remove your charge.