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Dublin 1891 Red Cola Review

Rating: Produced By: Dublin Bottling WorksWebsite: dublinbottlingworks.comType: 12oz Glass Bottle Review Great stuff. Dublin is a little vague about this flavor, describing it as “a true proprietary blend of cola and stone fruit flavors”. You can definitely taste cherry, but it’s a mystery what else they’re mixing in. Whatever it is, it works. Some reviews […]

Colorado Cola Review

Rating: Produced By: Rocky Mountain Soda Co.Website: rockymountainsoda.comType: 12oz Glass Bottle Review I have to give it up for their label. Nice artwork, gold foil imprint, soft touch lamination. It’s a top class label. Unfortunately the drink isn’t up to the same high standard. Ingredients are all-natural, including ‘vegan cane sugar’ and ‘Sparkling Colorado Water’. […]