The Checklist

To keep track of your Mountain Dew collection, download this all in one checklist.

Our checklist includes, names, flavors, colors and release dates for every variety of Mountain Dew. This is an 11×17″ print ready PDF file. It’s also interactive, so you can click the check boxes in any PDF reader software and save your list.

This file covers all permanent and limited Dew flavors, fountain only, slurpee only, international, energy drink, and copycat/clone flavors. It includes the various cans and bottles each flavor is released in, and what years each was available.

The Checklist is now two pages long. Page 2 has all the copycat/clone dew brands and the Green Label Art bottles.

Last updated: 2024-01-01

Updating your current checklist?

You don’t have to re-check all your boxes each time there’s an update!

Most PDF software has the option to transfer the filled out form data. I’m using the free Foxit Reader in this screenshot.

  • Open your old filled-out checklist
  • Form > Export > To File
  • Save a .FDF file
  • Open the new checklist
  • Form > Import > choose the .FDF file you saved

The Dewseum needs your help! While I usually keep up with the current flavors, it’s a lot harder to keep track of the various sizes each one comes in, or cover the more obscure international flavors and what countries they’re available in. If you have any corrections, please send me a note.